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Kaukawa - Peruvian Ceremonial Cacao

Kaukawa - Peruvian Ceremonial Cacao

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What is Kaukawa?

Kaukawa is the first initiative to safeguard and impulse the ancient tradition of Ceremonial Cacao in Peru. We are creating a worldwide community to regain the ceremonial value of the Cacao plant. Our ceremonies and products are made with the Peruvian Golden Cacao variety known as 'chuncho' from Cusco, that grow beneath the highlands of Machu Pichu. We offer our unique cacao ceremonial paste, essential oil, and host beautiful ceremonies in our dedicated space.


Who is Kaukawa? 

Kaukawa is the name of the goddess of Cacao from Cusco. The spirit of this plant was revealed to Fiorella, the founder of this project, on her visits to the jungle of Quillabamba, the place of the moon in the indigenous language, which is where this cacao variety grows since hundreds of years ago as a native genotype. This experience was a wake-up call in which she felt it was her sense of duty to make those sacred visions tangible into a reality.  


What is Ceremonial Cacao?

Ceremonial cacao is known for its ability to promote relaxation, arouse joy within our bodies and create a deep connection with our hearts. Ceremonial cacao is intended to be used in special rituals, ceremonies and offerings.

With our personal investigations and work inside the lands of cacao and our visits to archeological ancient temples where cacao was offered in the past, we believe that a ceremonial cacao paste should have the following characteristics:

1. To be made from an original genotype of cacao..

2. To look for a high quality of the cacao beans.

3. The energetic approach to the cacao paste.

Kaukawa seeks to establish a new approach  so Cacao is seen as a sacred plant in our lives, which is a complete different vibration than what regular chocolate represent in the modern times.

Our cacao paste is intended to invite you into a journey of deep heart connection along the vibration of the Peruvian energy and unique wisdom of the Andean and Amazon worlds. 

What is the connection of Kaukawa with the Q'ero Nation?

At Kaukawa, we honor the ancient traditions and wisdom of the Q'ero Nation, an ancient community nestled high in the Andes Mountains of Cusco. Our ceremonial cacao have been blessed by an elder priest from this community, whose cultural spiritual practices are preserved until these days and we strongly belief in their sacred wisdom. 

Central to the Q'ero Nation beliefs is the presence of the sprits of nature as the mountains, the lakes and more natural elements. Pachamama, for instance, is revered as the Mother Earth, the giver of life, and the source of all abundance. In the Q'ero cosmology, Pachamama is the embodiment of love, nurturing, and fertility.

We look forward to impulse the visibility of the Q'ero culture, whose wisdom and knowledge about inner connection and spiritual healing is of great value to the evolution of humanity. 



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