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Hi guys

After much debate we have decided to let go of our Vasse store, it was not an easy decision to make but we feel like it's the right one. We have moved everything over to our Busselton location and as 2 become one PRANA WHOLEFOODS 3.0 will be an unstoppable force of optimised health in a world of misinformation and dietary options, like a shining beacon we vow to lift the fog on BS when it comes to "health" food so people can feel so confident that every single thing they purchase off our shelves is not laden with highly processed seed oils and other hidden nasties that you won't even have to read the ingredients anymore and that's what a health food shop should be!!


So join us at Prana headquarters, 1/77 Strelly Street Busselton as we offer a wide range of bulk organic pantry products, specialty food items, organic seasonal produce and bulk tox free cleaning as well, keep an eye out for a rebrand, coffee window, small reno and extra customer service areas in the coming months.


Thank you all for coming along for the ride, we appreciate you!!!

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