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BIOptimizers Magnesium Breakthrough - 60 capsules

BIOptimizers Magnesium Breakthrough - 60 capsules

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Magnesium Breakthrough v4.0 with Sucrosomial Magnesium Unlocks Resting Peacefully Through The Night And Waking Up Fully Refreshed.

  • Reduce cortisol, Reduce stress
  • Relieve muscle aches, Speed up muscle recovery
  • Deep relaxation, Better sleep
  • 1 bottle of 60 capsules (30 servings)
  • Gluten-free, Soy-free and Lactose-free. Free from chemicals & fillers.


    Sucrosomial Magnesium

    Sucrosomial Magnesium can bypass the intestinal barrier with more effectiveness than other magnesium forms like Magnesium Citrate, Oxide, or Bisglycinate. This allows for a higher concentration of Magnesium in the body.

    The superior bioavailability of this breakthrough Magnesium provides:

    • MORE energy to get things done throughout your day with zero crashes
    • MORE support for healthy bone development
    • MORE magnesium to support over 300 biochemical reactions in the body
    • MORE deep, restorative, refreshing sleep
    • MORE relief for muscle cramps and recovery
    • MORE feelings of zen-like calm throughout the day

    Increase your dosage without experiencing “disaster pants”. It doesn’t “suck water” into your intestines like most magnesiums do.

    Adapt to the rhythms of night and day so you can fall asleep faster, sleep deeply through the night, and wake up feeling refreshed

    Increase the bioavailability of magnesium in your body to support your body’s functions more efficiently

    Why getting all 7 forms of magnesium transforms sleep, stress, and performance

    One of the biggest misconceptions about magnesium is just "take more" of the mineral and the body will be healthy and optimized. But the truth is there are many different types of magnesium — and each play a critical role in different functions in your body.

    Most "healthy" people only get 1-2 forms at best (much of the population is deficient in ALL forms) — butwhen the body gets all 7 major forms of magnesium, that's when the the good stuff happens. I'm talking about...

    Single form magnesiums may fall short in effectiveness

    Now that we understand how critical magnesium is for everything — it might be tempting to run out to the local health food store and buy some magnesium. That would be a mistake, though — because most magnesium products do nothing, for two primary reasons:

    1. They are synthetic, unnatural, and not recognised by the body
    2. They are NOT FULL SPECTRUM

    Which means they are missing the various forms of magnesium needed to target various organs in the body and to handle all sources of stress — and boost performance in every key area.

    Most people get 1-2 forms of synthetic magnesium (at best); which is why they typically feel little or nothing from supplements.

    We spent years researching and experimenting with all the different forms of magnesium. We tried virtually every product on the market. We tried a variety of blends.

    At the end of the day, we realised that most magnesium products only had a few forms of the magnesium the body needs (at best). Plus, nobody had "cracked the code" on the right ratios of these different forms. So we realized we needed to create this product ourselves. We brought in one of the smartest formulators in the world to work with us...

    And the result is Magnesium Breakthrough —it contains every key form of magnesium, in exactly the right ratio.

    If you are suffering from sleep issues, here is a chapter from the BiOPtimizers book From Sick To Superhuman: The Ultimate Biological Optimization Blueprint, and it's all about how you can improve the quality of your sleep: Sleep Deep & Dominate


  • How to take for maximum results


    Take in the morning to help you stay calm and resilient to stress throughout the day


    Take it before bed to fall asleep faster and sleep more deeply



    Within 3-5 weeks, most people experience a level of peace and serenity that they haven't felt in a very long time

    Store in a cool/dry location away from direct light.


    This form of magnesium is especially important for muscle building, & recovery.


    One study found that this form helped arterial stiffness in healthy overweight individuals.


    Often used to treat symptoms of excess stomach acid, such as stomach upset, heartburn, and acid indigestion.


    Some believe this to be the most bioavailable form of magnesium. It’s found naturally in fruits, giving them a “tart taste.” Magnesium Malate can help with migraines, chronic pain, and depression.


    This form of magnesium helps you to effectively produce energy. It also supports the immune system and is critical for bone health and skeletal development.


    This is the form of magnesium best for your heart. One study noted: “The complex magnesium taurate may thus have considerable potential as a vascular-protective nutritional supplement.”


    While also helpful for the heart, magnesium orotate is believed to be the best form for metabolic improvements. This makes it a favourite for athletes seeking enhanced recovery, energy and performance.

    Magnesium Breakthrough has been detected free of Mercury, Lead ,Arsenic and Fluoride Each batch is produced under strict quality control standards. Gluten Free. 

    Other Ingredients:
    Cellulose (capsule), Nu-Mag®, Nu-Flow®, Silica.

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