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Allan K Sutton

Colloidal Silver (Allan K Sutton)

Colloidal Silver (Allan K Sutton)

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...the best Colloidal Silver when only the best will do... Good health naturally

COLLOIDAL SILVER... some history and how it began

Silver has been used by many cultures for thousands of years with no record of harmful side effects. Most ancient cultures used silver for their storage vessels because of its ability to preserve foods for longer without spoiling. This knowledge has been passed down through generations.

COLLOIDAL SILVER RETURNS Colloidal Silver was in common use in the early 1900s. Its popularity waned with the onset of the new drugs (such as antibiotics) in the 30s and it did not re-appear until the1970s when it was proven to be an effective treatment for burns victims. Gradually, since then, this gentle old germ fighter has been making its presence felt in complimentary medicine. Today it is finally taking its place as a reliable and effective natural antibacterial liquid.

COMPATIBILITY Colloidal Silver is non-toxic to plants, mammals, reptiles, and all living things that are not single celled. To date there have been no recorded negative silver/drug interaction and it appears equally unknown to react negatively with herbal remedies.

CAN COLLOIDAL SILVER TURN YOU BLUE? NO. The instances of modern use of colloidal silver turning peoples skin blue is so rare as to be almost non-existent. All the handful of reported instances have involved Home-made colloidal silver that has been consumed continuously in very large quantities over a very long period. What we do know is that not one single instance of Argyria has been attributed to colloidal silver made under strict laboratory standards.

COLLOIDAL SILVER TODAYis a powerful, non-toxic, natural food supplement, of ultra-fine particles of silver suspended in pure water that has been shown to support the immune system. No chemicals or preservatives should be used in good quality colloidal silver. To preserve product integrity and quality it is preferable if colloidal silver is stored in glass bottles (not plastic or PET), never in sunlight, and away from all magnetic fields (such as fridges). The size of the particles in suspension (not the strength or high ppm), and the aliveness and purity of the water all contribute to a quality product. All Colloidal silvers are not the same, always use one prepared using laboratory standards.

MANUFACTURING TECHNIQUES For quality colloidal silver correct manufacturing technique is essential. Pure water should be pumped through a filter bank that contains carbon, reverse osmosis, a UV treatment unit and finally micro and mixed bed resin filters. This safely destroys any bacteria in the water, removing all impurities to produce laboratory grade pure water. From there it enters the vats where it slowly and gently brews. In the process pure 99.9999% silver is dispersed into laboratory grade water. Good colloidal silver is made with low voltage generation which has two advantages. One; is that you can produce the smallest silver particle size, less than 1 nanometre in size. This is very important as much bigger than this and they will not be absorbed by the body. Two; the minute silver particles stay stable in suspension and retain their positive charge. This means they stay available to the body, effective even after the silver has been bottled for a long, long time. The finished colloidal silver then passes through a .02 micron filter to the bottling plant. It should be bottled in pharmaceutical grade glass again to ensure lasting product stability and quality.

COLLOIDAL SILVER how it works.. Colloidal silver is positively charged. Silver ions seek out and destroy pathogens (which carry a negative charge). This effect was quite appropriately referred to as the Silver bulleteffect by Dr Beck. By oxidising the pathogens colloidal silver immediately destroys them Silver is a catalyst. Thus, as soon as particle of silver has killed a pathogen, the pathogen loses its negative charge and floats away. This leaves the silver free again to attack other pathogens. It is necessary to drink lots of water and rest to help elimination and healing.


General maintenance: Internally: Adults 5-50ml daily Children under twelve 5-10ml daily

For immune support during acute immune threats Internally: Adults 25-50ml hourly Children under twelve 10-15ml hourly

Externally: Spray directly on the wound, infection, minor burn, sunburn or insect bite. Dressing can be applied when saturated in colloidal silver. It can be sprayed in ears, eyes, throat and nose, as often as needed.


STOMACH UPSETS: Add 200 ml to a large glass of water and drink as quickly as possible. Follow this by another large glass of water.

STOMACH UPSETS WHEN ON HOLIDAYS: While we are on holidays we have the opportunity to change our regular lifestyle (eg: more fresh fruit, different foods and spices, and an increased amount of alcohol). This and exposure to unfamiliar bacteria can cause stomach discomfort and tummy upsets. To counteract this we would suggest regular use of Colloidal Silver while on holidays around 20ml daily. If in doubt as to the freshness of the food you have just eaten, simply drink 20-40ml after eating.

SKIN PROBLEMS: Spray frequently as liked for minor problems, such as rashes, acne, abrasions, minor burns, sunburn, insect bites. Provides soothing relief to haemorrhoids or burning bottom due to hot, spice food. Can be used with dressing for open wounds.

EARS, NOSE AND THROAT: You can effectively deal with all these areas by spraying or using drops regularly. We suggest frequently applying, so using as often as possible for faster result. Spray or dropper into the nose, gargling in the throat and apply by spraying or using drops for the ears particularly after swimming or showering or suffering with winter ills and chills. It appears to work best when all these areas are treated together.

AIR TRAVEL: Plane flights can be made miserable by blocked ears and sinuses. Use spray as often as you like before flights and during flights to soothe these areas.

WINTER ILLS AND CHILLS, DRY THROATS: At the first sign of winter immune threats take frequently to support the bodys defences. Use spray and drops for nose and throat, also take up to 50ml every hour, swirl in mouth or gargle and swallow. It is suggested not to drink or eat 10 minutes after taking Colloidal Silver to allow full absorption, and then follow by drinking plenty of water.

URINARY TRACT HEALTH: Spray on external areas for support. Take initially 200ml followed by 1 glass water. Then 25ml every hours. Continue to take for at least a couple of days. Follow use with a good quality probiotic.

DENTAL HEALTH: Used as a mouth wash this product is very effective in preventing dental decay and improving oral hygiene. Swirl 5- 10ml in mouth after teeth have been brushed and rinsed. Then swallow. Do not rinse after using Colloidal Silver.

SINUSES: Use drops or spray as often as liked. Can be effective for snoring when used before sleeping.

BURNS AND SUNBURN: Spray as soon as possible following burn and apply frequently..

PETS: Use for cats and dogs to boost their immune system, reduce skin inflammation and body odours. Suggested doses 5-30ml daily. Can be spray in animal eyes, ears, and onto cuts and sores as often as needed. Can be used on animal big and small including horses, cows and sheep.


Step 1: On waking and going to sleep, hold in the mouth 30 ml for 1 minute, then swallow (no food or drink for 10 minutes after). Repeat this for the net 30 days.

Step 2: Continue by daily use of 5-50ml for maintenance. If your complaint is more chronic and longer term please continue with step 1 for 2 months or longer. It is not uncommon to experience tiredness after beginning to take Colloidal Silver. DO NOT WORRY, this is simply a healing crisis. When the bodys immune system has to dispose of so many destroyed pathogens at once, the elimination organs can become overload. Drink a lot of water and get extra rest if possible.

IN BRIEFColloidal silver is a powerful antibacterial liquid that contains minute silver ions suspended in 100% pure water. It is commonly used as a natural antibacterial, to support the immune systems and promote healing. It does not damage healthy tissue and is suitable for use by the whole family. Research has shown that Colloidal silver has no known side effects and can be taken with other products. On holiday and in everyday life Colloidal Silver protects you naturally and supports your immune system to ensures your good health. It is your immune systems best friend helping your body to be healthy and happy the natural way. Your daily first aid in a bottle which you can take anywhere in the world.

Always read the label. Use as directed. If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional.

This booklets is presented for information and educational purposes only.

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