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Organic Vege Only Seasonal Box

Organic Vege Only Seasonal Box

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Fruit n Vege Seasonal Box (Various Sizes)
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What is in our Seasonal Organic boxes? While things do change depending on the season and availability, you generally always get your staples, like pumpkin, potatoes, carrots, onions, leafy greens. We build the rest of the box out of whatever is in season at that time.

Another question we get is how many people each box feeds. While this can vary a little, we generally recommend the following for omnivores weekly (people that include meat in their diet):
Small ($55) - feeds 2 people
Medium ($75) - feeds 3 people
Large ($95) - feeds 4 people
Jumbo ($115) - feeds 5+ people
Mega ($145) - Feeds 6+ people

For vegetarians or vegans we recommend sizing up:
Small ($55) - feeds 1 person
Medium ($75) - feeds 2 people
Large ($95) - feeds 3 people
Jumbo ($115) - feeds 4 people

Mega ($145) - feeds 5+ people

Our Seasonal Boxes also include 10-20% added value depending on the size you buy, so you get a bit of extra bang for your buck!

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