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Gem Triple Whitening Toothpaste - 100g

Gem Triple Whitening Toothpaste - 100g

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A high-performance, natural whitening toothpaste.

What is it:

Our Triple Whitening Toothpaste delivers a deeper clean for fresher breath and whiter teeth. We include science-backed, dentist driven and natural ingredients so you can brighten without the sensitivity. 



Why we love it:

- Luxurious brushing (and foaming!) with naturally powerful ingredients ensures you get the most out of your routine.

- Whitens without the harsh chemicals that strip your enamel.

- We include an oral probiotic to balance your mouth's microbiome.

- Leaves you with a clean and fresh finish to keep you rejuvenated all day.


Key ingredients

Lactobacillus Salivarius: an oral probiotic that prevents the build-up of harmful bacteria, encourages good bacteria and helps to establish a healthy oral microbiome. 


Hydroxyapatite: an alternative to fluoride (derived from coconut!) that's proven to remineralise and restore tooth enamel and reduce tooth discolouring.


Calcium Carbonate: an earth mineral that we use as a mild abrasive to help prevent plaque build-up, remove surface stains, and whiten and polish teeth.


Sodium Bicarbonate and Silica: an unstoppable duo combined to help clean and whiten the tooth enamel.


How to Use

Use a small amount to brush gently, or as directed by your dental professional. Rinse and spit with water, twice daily.

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