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Kialla Flour Unbleached Self Raising Organic

Kialla Flour Unbleached Self Raising Organic

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Kialla Flour Unbleached Self Raising Organic is made from soft variety wheat. This flour has a lower protein and lower gluten content than other wheat flour. Retains a substantial proportion of wheat’s nutrients, although some of the dietary fibre is lost by removing the bran. Has a creamy colour and is more flavoursome than most commercially available cake flours.

Wheat is one of the top 3 most cultivated grains in the world (the others are maize and rice) and it is grown on more hectares and is traded in greater volumes than all other crops. There are several species of wheat – including durum, spelt and Khorasan – with the most well-known being ‘common’ or ‘bread’ wheat (Triticum aestivum), and the vast majority of wheat products are made from this.

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