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Mindful Foods Golden Granola Organic & Activated 450g

Mindful Foods Golden Granola Organic & Activated 450g

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With the right conditions, your body will rebuild & restore itself to find its natural balance and Mindful Foods has crafted this golden blend to assist. Each chai-spiced, myrtle-infused, activated mouthful is packed with phytonutrients that act as potent natural anti-oxidants & anti-inflammatories, empowering your body’s own detox pathways. Included are healthy fats, complex carbohydrates, protein for long-lasting energy, and fiber to fuel your tummy’s ecosystem, keeping you… Ahem... Regular.



Activated nuts & seeds** (buckwheat* sunflower seeds* pepitas* almonds* pecans*) coconut chips* oats* raw macadamias* brown rice malt syrup* coconut oil* turmeric* lemon powder* lemon myrtle* safflower* cardomon* star anise* clove* pepper* black cumin*
*=Certified organic ingredient;
**= Activated in kombucha*, filtered water + Australian rock salt;

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