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Prana Wholefoods

Organic Sausages

Organic Sausages

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Margaret River Organic Farmer

Born here & raised by us, our cattle are 100% grass fed and grass finished.  No vaccines, no hormones, no anti-biotics, just healthy animals managed ethically to help regenerate our patch of Earth.


Sausages are Gluten-Free, Preservative-Free & made with garlic & herbs from our farm.  They contain only the best nutritious ingredients - for example we use pink salt where others use table salt, and Australian-grown organic brown rice flour where others use cheap imported fillers.


We offer a completely different product to the mainstream: the most environmentally-friendly, nutrient-dense protein available.   


Our main unique points of differences are:

  •  Our meat is grown by us on our award-winning family farm in the South West.  Unlike faceless wholesalers where the origin of meat can never be certain, customers can be assured that our meat comes direct from us: a local, regenerative, single-origin that they can trust.  
  •  We are the only beef farmers in the southwest that offer farm tours to give folks the opportunity to 'meet your meat', and see first-hand where our cattle are born, raised & how they live, and directly ask us, the farmers, any questions.  
  •  Our premium local products have a comparatively tiny carbon food-print, and being mindful of holistic health we provide compostable packaging as standard.  
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