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Ultimate GI Repair

Ultimate GI Repair

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The most powerful gastrointestinal tract healing product in the world!




A SYNERGISTIC combination of powerful peptides BPC-157, KPV, Larazotide Acetate,

and Naturals Zinc L-Caronsine, Quercetin (As EMIQ and Anhydrous), Tributyrin and Copper citrate to create THE most POWERFUL Gastro-Intestinal healing product on the market!  


Each bottle contains 60 capsules; 30 serves. 


Legal Disclaimer:*This product is intended for research purposes only. All productinformation available on the website is for educational purposes only.Bodily introduction of any kind into humans is done at the person’s ownrisk, and LVLUP Health assumes no responsibility for health outcomes,good or bad that may result from ingestion or use. Use should besupervised by a qualified healthcare professional.


Why is Ultimate GI Repair so pricey?

There is no denying that Ultimate GI Repair is on the pricier end.


This is due to the compounds used within Ultimate GI Repair and their difficulty of sourcing and manufacturing.


We do hope however to reduce the price as the compounds become more readily available in the future.That being said even though the price is much higher than many other gut healing supplements it is not something people need to take long term.In fact most people need it for only 1 – 2 months at most to see noticeable results.Which makes it a lot more cost effective in the long run instead of taking a supplements for 12 months or even years


Dosing Instructions

Take one capsule twice daily away from food or as directed by health professional. (and not with enzyme supplements)


Note: High dose zinc may cause stomach upset, nausea or vomiting for some people when taken away from food. If this happens take with food (carbs or fats best; taking with protein less ideal)




– As highly absorbable form BPC157-Arginine

– Enhances injury and wound recovery


– Heals the Gastro-Intestinal (GI) tract


– Stimulates blood vessel formation (angiogenesis)


– Upregulates Growth Hormone Receptors


– Enhances collagen production and formation


– Anti-Inflammatory


– Cytoprotective


-Modulates Nitric Oxide (NO)


– Reduces Neuroinflammation




– AT1001


– Zonulin Antagonist


– Decreases intestinal permeability.


– Prevents Tight Junction breakdown/disassembly


– The “Anti-Coeliac” peptide


– May reduce food sensitivity


– Immune modulating


– Reduces Neuroinflammation


*Mechanisms are based on preliminary study interpretations only.

Research and clinical trials are still being performed on this peptide.




- Aids in healing of injuries and wounds


- Potent Anti-Inflammatory


- Heal and enhance overall gut health


- Reduce pro-inflammatory cytokines


- Enhances collagen production and formation


- Improves skin health


- Strengthens Immune System


- Anti Microbial


- Cytoprotective


– Immune Modulating


– Hepatoprotective (helps the liver)




– Best form of supplemental butyrate

– Increases mucus production

– Accelerates gastrointestinal wound healing

– Fuel source for the epithelium

– Maintains gastric mucosal barrier integrity.

– Reduces intestinal hyper-permeability

– Cytoprotective

– Stabilises mast cells (Antihistamine)



Zinc L-Carnosine

– Anti- inflammatory/ Antioxidant

– Accelerates gastrointestinal wound healing

– Anti-Ulcer

– Stimulate mucus production

– Maintains gastric mucosal barrier integrity.

– Reduces intestinal hyper-permeability

– Cytoprotective

– Stabilises mast cells (Antihistamine)



Quercetin (2 forms)

1) EMIQ (highly bioavailable systemic form)

2) Quercetin anhydrous (low absorption for local for GI effect)

–May help with Allergies and histamine


– Blocks mast cells degranulation (Antihistamine)


– “Seals” the tight junction GI barrier


– Anti-Inflammatory/ Anti- Oxidant


– Cytoprotective


– May support heart health


– Immune Modulating


– Hepatoprotective (helps the liver



– Copper Citrate (For Zinc Copper ratio balancing); GI Repair contains a very high dose of Zinc, which needs to be balanced out by copper if used for a prolonged period of time.



– Sodium Bicarbonate (Acid buffer for increased peptide absorption)


-Bicarbonate buffers pepsinogen to pepsin conversion which needs low pH (high acidity) to occur.


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